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36v 16Ah Rack Battery
36v 16Ah Rack Battery
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Packing list:
1. 1Pcs 36V 16Ah Li-Ion NiCoMn aluminium alloy electric bicycle battery pack. Included 10s polymer cells,
2. 1Pcs EMC-180 36V4Amps Lithium Ion battery Alloy shell charger.

Li-Ion NiCoMn Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Specification:
1. Normal Voltage:36Volts.
2. Dimension: 69mm X 148mm X 355mm.
3. Capacity: 16Ah.
4. Charge Current: 4Amps.
5. Maximal Continuous Discharge Current: 20Amps.
6. Maximal Discharge Current: 50Amps.
7. Overvoltage Protection: 42Volts.
8. Undervoltage Protection: 27.5Volts.
9. Lifecycle: 800Cycles.
10. Weight: 4.5Kg.
11. Chemical: Li-Ion NiCoMn.

Charger Specification:
1. AC Input Voltage:  200V~264V.
2. Charge Voltage: 42Volts.
3. Charge Current: 4Amps.
4. AC Plug:
5. Power: 180Watts.
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1. How long can it last on a full charge 2. The output energy of the battery 3. Efficiency of the battery

1 what is your load 2 576Wh (Watt hours) 3 need to know load and temperature.

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